Stay Safe & Prepared with Roadside HERO™

Roadside HERO™ Is A Revolutionary New Device That Lights The Path To Safety For You And Your Family!

  • Expertly Designed To Keep You Safe & Prepared In Any Situation
  • Over 300,000 Customers Trust Roadside HERO™
  • Trusted By First Responders, Police Offers, Fire Fighers & More!

Trusted By Our First Responders

This is NOT Your Typical Flashlight!

The ROADSIDE HERO™ - The Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Body Features 9 Built-in Multi-Function Life Saving Tools

  • 9-in-1 Multi-Function Life Saving Tools - Powerful led flashlight, belt/rope cutter, glass breaker, hammer, strobe / worklight / emergency light, compass, magnet, powerbank, and solar panel.
  • Features a proprietary 2000mAh Battery - Rechargeable design means you never need to change batteries again (Holds charge for months).
  • Ergonomic Design - Lightweight, Compact, Durable and High Quality with Anti-Slip Diamond Thread Design.
  • Easy to Recharge - Dual recharging capability to charge outside with natural light (Solar) or via USB.

Did you know???

80% of Americans have more than 4 flashlights with over half of them not functioning

The Perfect Tool For Every Scenario

9 Functions, All With One Goal: To Save Your Life or The Life of Your Loved Ones in a Car Accident or an Emergency Situation.


3-Mode Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

A bright LED flashlight that never needs batteries changed. This is survival equipment 101.


Seat Belt Cutter

Free yourself in seconds flat with a razor-sharp seatbelt cutter.


Stainless Steel Hammer

Car windows are strong - you can’t break them with hands or feet alone. You need a hammer.


Power Bank (Charger)

Keep an extra charge handy for your phone at all times, and refill the power bank via plug or onboard solar cells.


10 LED Bright Worklight

Side-mounted lights make it easy to cast a wider umbrella of light to see what you’re working on.


Emergency (SOS Light)

A bright red light will stand out and help you be seen and rescued.


Magnetic Mount

Hands-free access to bright, resilient lighting and your rescue tools.


Outdoor Compass

Orienteering can mean the difference between wandering aimlessly and finding help.


Solar Charger (Backup)

Recharge the power bank and flashlight with either indoor light or natural sunlight.


Roadside HERO™ Features


Thousands Of People Trust Roadside HERO™ Here's Why...

The only light I need

Joe Richard.

Simply put, makes every other flashlight I’ve used an old relic. Charges my phone, has multiple lighting modes and is perfect for any situation.

Doesn’t get any stronger

Martin K.

Not only is this thing insanely bright, but it’s durable, lightweight and compact enough.

Right features, right price.

Lionel L.

I work in some of the worst climates and constantly replace or upgrade my equipment; this is one that can’t be beat for the money.

Roadside Emergency

Douglas D.

The red SOS light nearly saved my life while I was stranded on the highway.

Awesome Tool!

Donna L.

When I ordered this tool I was pretty skeptical about what I was getting...but was I surprised when it came. I gave one to my daughter and daughter-in-law. They said a man would probably know what to use in an emergency but for a women this tool would help them out imensly....the brightness of the light and changing colors was unbelievable!. I am so happy to have purchased these and would highly recommend them to everyone...thank you stealth angel for a well made product!!

Great Flashlight

Aaron M.

Perfect for any vehicle. I bought the 5 pack. Put one in each vehicle and the other two in my parents car.

Brilliant Product

Barry C.

This I recommend to all those who want something that is more than just a torch. I is truly a survival tool. Very well made and should last a long time to come. It will be carried in vehicle at all times. I’m just a customer but I truly recommend this. Thank you Stealth Angel regards Barry Combeer.


Order Your Roadside HERO™ Now!

For one low price, you’re getting nine (9) separate tool functions that would cost around $200 if purchased separately. Instead of keeping a car trunk full of 9 unrelated tools, you can buy one well-made survival device to keep near the driver’s seat.

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